2020 Mt. Sicker Family Farm prices & Wait lists

(all products subject to availability)



Emu Eggs: 3 eggs including handling $100.00 (from proven pairs) No guarantee of fertility or handling during shipping. Shipping costs over and above. Wait list orders using the contact form below will be taken after Jan 1 2021.

Emu Chicks: Use contact form below after Jan 1 2021 to go on the 2021 wait list. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be collected at order confirmation time for each chick.


                     1-3 week old  $200.00 ea unsexed  (picked up at farm only)

                     1-3 months $275.00 ea unsexed(picked up at farm only)

                      4-6 months $350.00 ea unsexed(picked up at farm only)

                     12 months   $600.00 ea unsexed (picked up at farm only)

  Emu Slaughter Age: Live $1000.00 ea unsexed, (DNA Test $50.00ea) 

  Emu for Breeding (18 mo) $1250.00 ea DNA Tested

  Emu Breedable Pair $2500.00 DNA Tested

  Emu Proven Male or Female $2000.00

  Emu Proven Pair  $5000.00 DNA Tested(with laying history)

  Bulk Emu Oil for Topical Applications:

                    15L (4 US gal) in freezable food grade pail   $2250.00 Cdn 

  For smaller quantities shop at e3naturals.com 

updated Jan 1 2021  



Contact Us

       Do you have an interest in emu farming?

 Our emu farm on Vancouver Island is 11 years old in 2021. It required a lot of hard work, investment and determination to get us to this point and we remain committed to our growing business.

 We encourage you to do a lot of research online in groups on Facebook, farm websites in Canada and the US and our website and emu farming blog at http://emuchemainusbc.blogspot.com/ 

 If your research convinces you that this kind of farming is where you want to go then we can be your next resource. Our retainer fee is $5000.00 cdn which would include a 3-day on-site farm visit (not including air fare or accommodation). This would comprise in-depth training about our operation:

  • farm infrastructure, housing and pen creation

  • specific feed requirements, health maintenance

  •  breeder care

  • egg production, incubation and chick hatching

  • grow out of production birds

  • specific on-site processing routines to bring the by-products to market

Emu farming is an exciting, profitable, low environmental impact livestock option. We welcome your interest in the industry and look forward to future communication.