A few words about our Local farm where we grow Quality Meat and Emu Oil

We are retired from our management jobs and finding we are busier than ever.  We raise chickens and turkeys on Vancouver Island for our family as well as farm gate sales. What started out as a hobby in  border collie sheep dog trialling, has now developed into a unique sheep breeding program (more detail on the Sheep page). We sell lamb on the hoof and for breeding stock. We use only locally produced natural feed without hormones to ensure wholesome meat. 

In our endeavour to live a healthy country life we have also paid more attention to what we eat and how we take care of our bodies. This has led us to the amazing world of emu birds. We are now building an emu "farm to finish" business. This includes hatching and raising emu chicks, growing out emu juveniles until 14-18 months old and harvesting meat and highly prized emu oil. One of our main customers for this health promoting oil is locally based e3naturals.com. Carla and Craig use it in their health and skin care products. As members of the American Emu Association we conform to their business and farming practices  (there is not at this time an equivalent association in Canada). Responsible emu farmers ensure feed quality, adherence to biosecurity husbandry practices and ethical processing procedures. This is an exciting farm enterprise and can be profitable on as small a farm as 2 acres (see our Blog and Growing Emu Farmers pages). We are very willing to share our business plan that includes farm design, feed economies and processing opportunities. You can email us on the Contact Us page with your questions.