Here is a website for the XM-18D electronic controller.  It is commonly available from many Chinese suppliers.  It is also available without the master switched and with wireless communication.  We used these in our N'Kobi conversion and have found them to be very reliable.

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The N'Kobi 'Big Bird' series incubator (and hatcher) was originally designed for ostrich eggs in the mid 1990's. They proved to be a simple and effective design insuring good air flow and full rotation of the eggs while keeping them (and the embryo) safe and secure. N'Kobi incubators are still in use today however the company can not be reached. With the help of a technician we have been able to source replacement controllers and expect to get many more years of service from our four units. We are pleased to provide  the manual here in a series of jpegs that you can copy and print at home. In an effort to build a community of N'Kobi Incubator Owners willing to share technical advice and replacement part sources please press the green button here which will direct you to our contact form.

Our 500-710 gram emu eggs are incubated in a N'Kobi 'Big Bird' Series cabinet incubator. Our settings are 97.5 degrees and 30% humidity for 49 days turning the eggs through 160 degrees every 4 hours. The incubator is equipped with germicidal lamps, room temperature air intake and outside air exhaust. We make sure that the incubator is fully sanitized and the temperature/humidity digital readouts are calibrated before startup each year.

Update 2021:  With thanks to our talented good friend we can now supply the wiring diagram for the upgraded computerized controller.

During the original upgrade we were concerned about the new computerized controller having a negative effect on the egg turning mechanism. So some mechanical changes were made that are shown on these photos to prevent over turning that would eventually snap the cable.

Update 2018: Our old N'Kobi temperature and humidity controllers are failing or are unreliable. We installed our first computerized controller last year as a test. We are very pleased with the performance and are going ahead with installation on our other N'Kobi incubators and one hatcher.