Ewes and lambs on pasture



Little Ewe Lamb

Roast Loin of Lamb

Source Wikimedia Commons

Lambs and breeding stock for sale



Mt. Sicker Family Farm sheep are bred and raised locally here in the Cowichan Valley. Our sheep are Certified Scrapie Free as of Sept 2013. This programme is the equivalent of the controls enforced to eliminate Mad Cow Disease in cattle. You are probably wondering where "Lombardi Hereford Sheep" hail from. We imported our sheep from California (Archie our ram is pictured above) in 2008. They are hair sheep so no need to sheer wool.  They are red-brown and white with the markings of Hereford Cattle.  Their genetic roots are mostly Katahdin. The original breeder (Guido Lombardi) selected red-brown sheep and skillfully worked on introducing the white features. By nature they are calm and social and good mothers. Our sheep are pastured on grass without the use of growth hormones and unnecessary medications .The lamb meat is very lean and solid and mild tasting. We sell ewes, ewes with lambs and hoggets. Check our farm calendar at the bottom of the Home page to see product availability dates and place your online order on our Contact Us/Price List page.