Lombardi Hereford lambs with very good colour this year.

Ossabaw pigs foraging  (click for link)

Spring 2016: This season is by far our busiest with emu chicks, baby lambs and piglets arriving. For quick updates check our facebook page.

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Sheep that look like Hereford Cattle? Our locally raised sheep are brown with white face and have mild tasting meat.


Health promoting emu meat and oil  Emus have been around for thousands of years. What's their secret?    



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Our farm sells: 

All natural meat

We take extra care to ensure our farm fresh poultry is grown the old fashioned way.    


Our free run livestock enjoy fresh locally prepared

non-medicated feed in a clean ocean air environment


The creeks are swollen and fields are saturated. The water table is so high that the hydraulics has created a pond on the upper reaches of the juvenile pen. HAPPY EMUS.

Fall 2016: Yes we had an

improved emu hatch this year.

75 chicks! Here they are being moved  to their winter growout pen:

Fully grown birds have been marketed with our best emu fat yield coming in 54% over industry standard. Emu meat is being sold at Buddies Natural Pet Food headquartered in Duncan.

Lambs, chickens and turkeys  and piglets have enjoyed a typical mild summer season and our latest production is ready for sale. Use the contact us page to place your order.

October has been unusually wet and so most of our time is spent dealing with drainage in new pens and fields. They are predicting lots of rain this winter so we should be well ahead of the game. Looking forward to time in front of the fire with a good book. "Lovely weather for ducks" and emu...