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Local chicken meat from Mt. Sicker Family Farm

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"Thank you so much for the turkeys, my husband said they look great. This is our first year but are very excited to make some sausage and enjoy a fresh Christmas turkey. We have been buying them from local farms for years so they should be great. Your website looks great! My husband was very happy to see your farm in person." Renee, Vancouver Island

"THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!! We have been enjoying these roasting birds for years now. The people at Mt. Sicker Farms know their chickens! They taste like butter. Once you eat one of these birds, there is no going back to the pedestrian grocery store cello wrapped imitation. Cheap at twice the price! Please keep up the great work and we look forward to your next batch."  Chris Main, Victoria, BC

Our chickens are grown respectfully in small flocks of 100. This means that they are not cramped in small quarters and get the exercise that they need to be healthy. Their accommodations are bright and airy and conform to BC Poultry Biosecurity Program requirements. We get our feed from a local mill and it is all vegetable and non medicated (ie no hormones or antibiotics). These all natural meat birds average 7-8 lbs. Before going to our customers the chilled birds have been conditioned for 2 days in onsite refrigeration to let the meat settle. It is firm and moist and leads some customers to repeat the phrase “that it tastes like budda”. Check our farm calendar at the bottom of the Home Page to see availability dates and place your online order for our locally grown chicken meat on the Contact Us/Price List page.